5 Best Balance Board For Seniors

best balance board for seniors

This well researched article is all about best balance board for seniors . Falls account for 65% of most injuries among elderly people. Even in community assisted facilities, thirty percent of these seniors encounter at least 1 fall per year. forty percent of the falls leading to hospital stays will be attributable to hip bone injuries. With an estimated expense of $2. 4 billion dollars annually to treat accidental injuries to seniors, accidents due to falls symbolize 41% of this price to our health care program.

Clearly, these stats represent a serious need for fall avoidance screening and ADL (activities of daily living) instruction intended for the prevention and reduction of comes experienced by the seniors.

Top 5 Best balance Board For Seniors Comparison Chart

ProductModelWhere to Buy
best balance board for seniorsEveryMile Wobble Balance Board
best balance board for seniorsNALANDA Wobble Stability Balance Board
best balance board for seniorsYes4All Wooden Wobble Balance Board
best balance board for seniorsIKARE Round Balance Boards For Unisex
best balance board for seniorsGYMMAGE Wobble Balance Board

Top 5 Best Balance Board For Seniors Reviews

best balance board for seniors

EveryMile Wobble Balance Board

Having a no-skid surface carrying out balance training exercises is now fun with this wobble stability board by Everymile. This tear-resistant table is strong and durable.

The board is ideal for elderly people due to its sturdy building from durable plastic material and TPR materials.

With a height of 3.94 inches and a diameter of 15. 75 ins, this balancing gadget is perfect for any scale footwear. It can keep a weight as high as 300 pounds.

This kind of balance board offers a 15 degree point angle and fish hunter 360 degree rotation. The gentle tilt position is good intended for seniors to equilibrium easily by giving all of them a stable platform

You will find convenient handles present on each side from the board to make this easy to carry it everywhere.

Anti-skid surface area to ensure maximum balance
15 degree mild tilt angle to get stable balance work out
Improves body position and aligns the spine.
Made from plastic-type and TPR materials, very durable and long lasting
15.7l inch diameter, ideal for all types of footwear
Light-weight board (4. 5 pounds), easy to maintain and carry with handles on possibly side
4 color options available- yellow-colored, red, blue and gray

The table may be too little for people with large feet
Do not try weighty body workout once you buy the board. It could be risky.
Not ideal for people with a larger build.

best balance board for seniors

NALANDA Wobble Stability Balance Board

The NALANDA Wobble Balance Board comes with an ergonomic design and a very good anti-skid surface that doubles up as a massager for your feet when you stand up onto it. You can use the table to do stances, squats, and light workouts aside from regular balance training.

The board offers 360 degree rotable and a 24. 5 degree section angle, which makes it a far more challenging board. Nevertheless , a larger diameter (16. 34 inches) makes certain that the board is usually stable even with a greater tilt angle than most other balance boards available in the market.

The table is made from nontoxic PP and TPE materials which is also easy to clean. You may make a choice between two colors: blue and black.

It has an excess weight of only a 3. 7 pounds in spite of its larger size, which makes it a perfectly lightweight exercise medium. You will find convenient handles constructed on the board upon two sides, in order that it can be lifted and held easily with one hand.

The maximum excess weight capacity on this stability board is a stunning 660 pounds, meaning it is ideal to work with for bariatric individuals who are suffering from equilibrium problems.

Optimum weight capacity of 660 pounds, which makes it a good decision for bariatric sufferers and seniors as well
Anti-slip rubber mat with built in therapeutic massage surface – massage therapy as you stand!
Long lasting board, made from nontoxic PP & TPE material
A low pounds (3. 7 pounds) and handles about either side help to make it easy to carry.
Larger diameter than other boards in the market, and greater tilt position for a more challenging harmony exercise.
It has a 12 month warranty.

The higher tilt viewpoint maybe uncomfortable for those who have severe balance complications
This board much more expensive than other similar options in the market.

best balance board for seniors

Yes4All Wooden Wobble Balance Board

The Yes4All Wooden Wobble Balance Board may be the only wooden stability board in our selection. Being made of wooden gives it the unique advantage of being the lightest board, coming in at only 3.08 pounds. This makes this board portable and straightforward to carry around along.

This balancing board has anti-skid covering on the top, which helps prevent accidents while performing your balance exercises. The coating is anti-bacterial, latex free, quick cleaning, and comfortable to contact.

The board is usually 15. 75 ins in diameter, which can be good enough for many average sized shoes. It has a 15 level tilt angle, and may rotate a full 360 degree on the axis, which makes it ideal for front to back, side to side, and circular sets.

The board uses a strengthened plastic base that aggregates stability. The panel can carry up to a weight of 350 pounds. The bottom can be taken off, which makes it easier to clean also easier to take the board around. If you are aesthetically minded, the board is offered in a number of attractive colors and styles.

Wooden board, extremely lightweight and simple to carry around (only 3. 08 pounds)
75 in . in diameter, comfy for most feet sizes
360-degree rotation and 15 degree point angle supports a wide variety of exercises
Long lasting and sturdy strengthened plastic base. Foundation can be detached and carried separately
The board has an Anti-skid surface, which is acrylic free, anti-microbial, quick cleaning, and comfortable on the feet.
Available in several colors and designs

Hard plastic base could be slippery, and makes equilibrium difficult
Does not possess handles in the regular model for grasping the board
The anti-skid surface turns into smooth after a couple of months.

best balance board for seniors

IKARE Round Balance Boards For Unisex

The IKARE wobble board is available in two cool colors, sky green, and orange. With an anti-skid surface area that also has therapeutic massage spikes built into this, the balance board is usually perfectly suitable for elderly people, who can get a good foot massage whilst working out barefoot around the board.

The base from the board is made with high-grade PP and TPE material, which is long lasting, easy to clean as well as becoming nontoxic.

The table has a height of 3.5 inches and a diameter of 16. 34 ins, which is larger than standard balance boards available for sale. The board also offers a greater tilt position of 27 levels, which makes it suitable for even more vigorous balance physical exercises.

It can carry a maximum weight as high as 330 pounds, and itself weighs just 3. 9 pounds, making it very light-weight. Like other stability boards, there are deals with on either part to make it convenient to carry this board along.

Available in 2 great colors (orange and sky blue). Ideal for the aesthetically oriented
The balancing panel helps to make the primary, muscles, and physique strong.
Handles upon both sides make that convenient to carry it in one place to another.
nonslip spikes on the board surface give massage therapy while exercising and balancing.
Lightweight gadget, with handles about either side simple portability
27 level tilt angle and 360 degree rotation, suited for more challenging equilibrium exercises
Larger size (16. 4 inches), suited for people with larger feet and size

It is not price range friendly board.
Higher tilt angle the actual board more challenging for those who have severe balance problems.
Old age people need to avoid using the managing board as it can result in muscle injury.

best balance board for seniors

GYMMAGE Wobble Balance Board

The Gymmage wobble balance board has a nonskid surface, perfect for performing balance workouts in the home. It is made from extremely durable plastic material and may bear weights approximately 300 pounds.

There is certainly an anti-slip distinctive coating at the top of the board which enhances safety during workout.

The board is usually 15. 7 ins in diameter having a tilt angle of 15 degrees on the 360 degree rotating base, making it ideal for gentle balancing physical exercises. The bottom is strengthened with heavy duty plastic material, making it a stable and sturdy product.

The board weighs about a 3. 5 pounds and has handles upon two sides, which makes it a portable exercise equipment that you could carry anywhere you go.

Weighs only 3. 5 pounds, and has handles at either side to carry it around very easily
The bottom is made from strong plastic for better stability and security
Textured anti slide surface on the top to help keep you safe while exercising
Available at a budget-friendly price.
Perfect for increasing muscle power and improving physique balancing.
Handles on each side make this convenient to carry it. Weighs in at only 3. 5 pounds
15 level tilt angle and 360 degree rotable make it ideal for gentle balance physical exercises for seniors.

Board can endure body weight up to 300lbs only.
Diameter is definitely smaller than other planks available in the market.

Best Balance Board For Seniors – Buying Guide

Given that you’ve read through all our best balance board for seniors reviews, do you know which one you will be using to strengthen the muscles and improve your stability?

If you’re still not really completely sure regarding just one model, there is no need to worry. It could be challenging when there are several great balance boards on the market! That’s why we’ve taken this upon ourselves to create up the following easy to use buying guide.

The following Information will take you through each step of the process of the process to make sure that by the time you’re completed reading, you’re totally confident which balance board is right for you.

First you should thin our options right down to a certain type, because you’ll likely currently have a preference.

Stability and balance board are fairly comparable with interchangeable names, providing a full 360 degrees movement which can be very difficult when compared to most rocker boards. Rocker panels almost always allow point in one direction (side-to-side usually).

Balance/wobble boards use a very particular method to better position, strengthening core, help to improve muscle tone and strength in the reduce body, and more.

There are specific products that do the wobbling all by themselves and are generally circular, while many others appear to be amusing decks without tires or trucks and must be used together with a roller to create the destabilization we’re trying to find.

There’s no “better” option really : it all comes down to personal preference. However , the skateboard-deck-like models will often offer a bit more space to move around and you can wait in a more natural position this way.

The models on the guide all sort of vary when it comes to components. Let’s take a look at every one so you can determine which is ideal for aims.

Wood – Wooden is almost always the toughest and most long lasting. You’ll find wood models can support the best amounts of weight; commonly anywhere from 300 to 400 pounds.

They are a bit on the weighty side in terms of the board itself, when you have any uncertainties the manufacturer will list the weight. Wooden boards are often more expensive, but they are easy to clean, and could genuinely last an entire life time.

Plastic – Plastic material boards are in lots of ways the exact opposite with their wooden counterparts. That they are not as easy to clean neither as durable, yet they’re more light-weight and much more affordable.

If you want a board simply to use for a couple of years, then you may want to look at some plastic choices.

Tilt Angle & Difficulty
You may have realized that we mentioned the tilt angle of boards throughout the guideline. An easy way to translate the angle and translate that into a difficulty level would be that the larger the position, the more challenging it can be for seniors to work with.

A nice meet-in-the-middle, advanced level is around being unfaithful degrees so you can proceed based off of that.

To really get the most from the board, you’d become best off having a board that you can change the tilt viewpoint of. Some boards which require conditions completely separate tool to destabilize the consumer will come with various types of rollers, from simple to difficult.

This means that you are going to always be progressing which means you don’t plateau or perhaps get bored. When it comes to boards to be used with standing up desks, you probably do not want to go over 12 degrees on the lean angle.

Sure, you want enough destabilization to engage the primary and improve harmony but not so much so that you just risk falling in your face while looking to get tasks done!

The surface area depends on the size of your feet, your height, as well as your weight. Many of the previously mentioned models come in numerous sizes, so you will want what is most effective for your body and the space in which you’ll use it.

For example , considering taking it all around the world with you’ll most likely want a more light, compact option.

The top area also straight affects the difficulty level. The larger the surface region, the easier it’s going to end up being for you so take this into account as well.

Extra Features
You will notice that a few of the panels we reviewed provide holes in the edges which allow you to utilize them in conjunction with resistance rings or cords.

Which means that you can simultaneously function your lower physique and core whilst also engaging the upper body. For a full-body workout without trying out much space, this kind of configuration is perfect.

Should you be not sure about utilizing a board yet, all of us encourage you to search for sets that include instructional DVDs or perhaps online videos where you are able to go through the routines they have. These routines can help guide you in the right direction with how to use the board, how to perform real workouts on them, plus more.

How much do you really feel okay with spending on a balance board? They vary remarkably widely in price, therefore we highly recommend you come up with a number by yourself and don’t enable yourself to go over that. If you are on a budget, it is simple to find a great board for around 30 to 50 bucks.

Nevertheless , if you are okay with spending a bit more in advance if that means quality and a permanent life, then you are going to probably want to get a far more expensive model.

Likewise take a look at the guarantee as this is important in how much you’ll finish up spending. If you are around the hunt for a balance board for life, then guarantee the warranty reflects that. You can expect warranties of all quality boards to become 2-year coverage and longer.

Are Balance Boards Safe for Seniors?

One question that you might be thinking is that will these balance boards really safe intended for seniors to use, We will make some points clear in this section. There is certainly the danger of dropping down when you deliberately compromise your balance.

Yet that is where the entire benefit of balance boards lies. It enables you to practice your balance within a controlled manner rather than an icy pavement for example. After all, practice is beneficial. If you practice balance in a controlled way, you have a much better opportunity to keep your balance whenever your balance is jeopardized in the real world.

Even as we established before, stability is a skill and everything skill need practice and honing to enhance and maintain. Balance is not a different. So utilizing a balance board offers its risks however the risk prevention rewards usually over consider the risks associated with making use of the board. But all in all the user is the just one who can assess the likelihood of using a balance board.

All that said it’s a wise decision to take some safety measures when using a balance board. Have someone to support and catch you and make sure there is absolutely nothing sharp or pointy to fall onto. You can use a durable desk or a dining room table to support your torso as a safety stand when you are starting. Simply hold on to the desk with your hands as you use the balance board.

Never use the board alone unless you are extremely comfortable with using it, therefore in case you do fall , there will be someone to help you. You should also make sure the board is on a no slippery surface. The majority of boards come with a rubbery high friction foundation but make sure it can not slippery in your floor surface. Not what you want may be the board slipping coming from underneath you.

Top 3 Benefits of Balance Training

The CDC, or the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, identifies balance training as: Static and powerful exercises that are designed to increase individuals’ ability to endure challenges from postural sway or destabilizing stimuli caused by self-motion, the environment, or additional objects.

In other words, they are specific exercises utilized to promote balance as well as the recovery of stability.

There are many benefits of equilibrium training but listed below are the top 3 rewards:

Improves core power.
The core muscle tissue include not only all those in your abdominals and back, but likewise muscles in your walls of the pelvic and hips. In the event the core muscles will be weak, your body turn up useful info as effectively, and also other muscles have to get the slack. This could result in injuries like a twisted knee, a pulled shoulder, or perhaps your classic “bad back. “

Enhances joint stability. Stability training helps your body react in an unpredictable environment by contracting the right muscles in the right time. It enhances joint stability helping to prevent joint disorder and injury. Everybody young and old can benefit from balancing exercises.

No machines are necessary. Although there happen to be balance boards and also other equipment that can be used within your balance training, the reality is, if you have a floor to stand on, you could have all you need to improve you balance and your general health. This is why it attracts so many, especially elderly people who live in smaller sized spaces, like aided living apartments.

The balance deteriorates as a body ages, so it’s important to include balance training into the fitness regimen right now. At any age, make sure to start off slow and make up to more extreme exercises. You will really feel muscles operating you’ve never experienced before, so you want to be sure to not over-do this at first. If some finances allow in the event that, search out a specific balance trainer in your town. Some local YMCAs offer balance classes so see if you could find one near you.

Best Balance Board For Seniors – Exercises and Training

Stability boards provide among the best training exercises intended for seniors as they assist in improving balance and organize the muscles. Proper positioning of the body helps prevent a number of health problems, and improves your overall standard of living. However , most elderly people are new to stability boards and require some guidance on how to begin. Here are some balance board exercises for newbies.

Athletic Stance Equilibrium
The athletic position balance is one of the majority of popular exercises to get beginners. When you use the board, you need to stand on the board together with your knees bent somewhat to help with equilibrium. Maintain your position around the board and concentrate on just keeping this in position.

Slowly proceed to one side trying to keep it from coming in contact with the ground, move that again to the next part. The goal is always to focus on maintaining balance by holding your situation with your feet shoulder width apart as well as your trunk erect.

The balance board offers a great opportunity to enhance your entire body. Squats give a great opportunity to make your core balance. You will have to hold the main athletic stance and then softly squat down till your thighs will be parallel to the floor. The longer you are able to hold the squat, the greater it will strengthen your upper thighs and lower back.

When you are on the balance board you can move from your squat into the lift to extension placement. This position will give attention to having you straighten the knees and then raise the arms into a complete extension overhead. The squat to expansion is a great way to exercise your entire core power.

Push Ups
A great way to make use of the balance board is perfect for upper body strengthening. The aim of the pushups is usually to keep the board coming from going down on one aspect versus the other. The other goal from the push-up exercise is to pay attention to preventing the plank from wobbling.

Lower-leg Balancing
The balance aboard provides an effective method to improve your capability to hold your balance on one leg. Leg managing requires you to stand on the middle of the mother board and pull the other leg away.

The goal should be to prevent the board by wiggling and to maintain the board from pressing the ground. You need to preserve an erect position during the practice as it may end up causing issues with your core muscle mass strength.

Core Balance
Seniors need to concentrate on core strength utilizing the balance board. The best balance board physical exercises will help to improve abs, leg strength, plus more. You need to stand in a staggered stance where one foot is usually closer to the front of the table and the other feet is near the back again. Try to keep the balance board from touching the ground.

Balance board exercises are designed to stop injuries while enhancing your overall core durability. Ankle and leg injuries tend to become one of the largest problems for seniors, yet balance boards assist to strengthen these areas and will prevent severe issues. No matter how old you are, stability boards are a thrilling safe way to get fit and stay fit.

FAQs About Best Balance Board For Seniors

How can elderly improve their balance?

Are you aware that walking regularly no less than 30 minutes a day may greatly improve your stability? This is a chance to support correct any walking issues we may possess as well as strengthen essential muscles and increase mobility. A balance board is a wonderful tool to speed up this process, making your small and large muscle tissue to work together to hold you upright.

Are balance boards good for knees?

Certainly, they are! Balance boards are a low impact type of exercise, so you do not have to worry about it adversely affecting any of your important joints. In fact , they assist to limber up the bones, muscles, and structures to help lower the opportunity of injury that help you become more cellular. Even just a few moments a day can have a large positive affect rapidly when compared with13623 couple weeks of use

How long should the elderly use a balance board?

This all depends on your way of life, goals, and if you have used one prior to. If you’re a brand-newbie then we suggest no more than 10 to 15 minutes for the initial few weeks. From there, you are able to choose to move up in 5-10-minute increments. You understand your body best, yet we also want to prevent creating so much pain and fatigue that people avoid using the board!

What are the best strength training exercises for seniors?

Body weight exercises are ideal in many cases, like wall pushups and squats, along with bicep curls, dips, and shoulder presses.

Are Balance Boards safe?

Extremely! We will not be recommending them to you, otherwise. Balance boards are designed to work well intended for seniors just as efficiently as serious sports athletes.


In this well researched article, we have selected the very best balance board intended for seniors based on the characteristics mentioned in our buyer’s guide and the rankings and comments pointed out by actual users on Amazon.

We now have compared the products described primarily on their simplicity of use, maximum weighing capability, quality, and durability, and also the challenge that they provide you with while carrying out balance exercises.

We have likewise given you some expert tips on what to look for picking out a balance board. The items that we have listed away are all good options, and all of them will help you regain and make your balance and balance.

In our opinion, the NALANDA Wobble Stability Board is the best choice among the list of various options that we have regarded as because it assists the seniors in building their core advantages as well as body stableness. The board is usually large in size and has a higher point angle, making the exercises more challenging and vigorous.

If you are looking for any value for your money, you may also consider the GYMMAGE Wobble Balance board, as it is available at an extremely reasonable price and will be offering almost all the features that other boards will be providing.

While all of us make every effort to provide up-to-date and correct information, the advice given in this article and website must not be construed as “medical advice. ” Make sure you consult with your physician or perhaps medical practitioner before applying any balance table.

Each individual may possess his or her unique problems, and your medical practitioner is a good person to decide the very best balance board to your case.