Top 5 Best Welding Helmet For Beginners – Reviews & Guide

best welding helmet for beginners

This article is dedicated for those looking for the best welding helmet for beginners. The easiest method to get the job done safely is always to have the best welding helmet in the market. Very well it might sound convenient but as a newbie, finding the right one is a significant daunting task because the market is filled with choices.

There’s nothing essential than your security and it’s essential that you find a headgear that gives you the greatest protection against the heat, fire, and radiation. Keep in mind that saving only the eye is not enough, the helmet should also safeguard your face and throat as well.

A good welding helmet can help you perform the task, nevertheless , the best welding head protection will help you weld and supply you the maximum quantity of safety too. Welding possesses crucial risk of damaging the eyes if appropriate precautionary measures are not taken.

Top 5 Best Welding Helmet For Beginners Comparison Chart

ProductModelWhere to Buy
best welding helmet for beginnersLincoln Electric Welding Helmet- 3350
best welding helmet for beginnersFibre-Metal Pipeliner Fiberglass Welding Helmet
best welding helmet for beginnersMiller Classic Series Welding Helmet
best welding helmet for beginnersJackson Safety Insight Auto Darkening Welding Helmet
best welding helmet for beginners3M Speedglas Welding Helmet-9100MP

The 5 Best Welding Helmet For Beginners Reviews

best welding helmet for beginners

Lincoln Electric Welding Helmet- 3350

The easy looks of the Lincoln subsequently Electronic 3350 Welded Helmet might trick you. In contrast, it is rather the beast inside. It has a glossy dark finish with the white and red logo on top which provides it quite a high quality look.

Along with looks, it also included some splendid features that will make your welded tasks a lot more thrilling easier. However , the glossy finish is usually scratch prone which means you need to stay careful if you’re working in a tightly enclosed region or around rough areas.

The weight from the Lincoln helmet 3350 in a bit on the bulkier side. It weighs in at around 3. 2 pounds which can consider the head down once very long hours of put on. However , there’s an arm strap and the internal parts of the helmet will be flexible which guarantees utmost comfort.

An enormous viewing screen is definitely equipped, measuring in 3. 7

4 inches x 3. 34 inches. The screen provides an obvious frontal and peripheral view at the welds which helps you function more precision. Excellent lens with 4C technology that produces a crisper and clearer view.

This features four arc sensors that quickly detects when the welds is about to ignite and changes the colour of the lens coming from light to darker to prevent damage to the eyes. The color range varies from six to 13.

That features an internal level of sensitivity control knob that may adjust variable tones, delay, and light awareness. There is also a grinding choice that many high-end welded helmets lack in.

This helmet can be powered by changeable lithium batteries and it offers a great amount of operate time. The Lincoln subsequently 3350 comes with a significant hefty price tag. Nevertheless , you’ll also get three years of warranty what sort of makes up for the higher price.

Replaceable lithium batteries
Large window
Several shade ranges

Can be very heavy

best welding helmet for beginners

Fibre-Metal Pipeliner Fiberglass Welding Helmet

The Fibre-Metal Pipeliner headgear is an amazing headgear that offers outstanding features within a moderate cost range. It has a super durable design that offers intense durability and you can carry out several welding jobs with this head protection. However , the design is nearly a perfect fit intended for pipeline welding where standard welding head gear won’t fit.

It is made with Superglas In addition material which is difficult and lightweight at the same time. This weighs only two pounds which is fairly decent as there are free-floating arms which reduce the pressure take into account ensure utmost control and balance within the helmet. It can endure some rigorous welded activities and the moisture-proof coating helps to boost the durability of the motorcycle helmet.

It comes in one regular size that’s made to fit most adults. There’s a flexible headband fits the contours of the welder’s head and there is also an adjustable seatbelt that helps to position the glass holder to be able to give utmost versatility. There’s also a rubberized headband attached to the helmet with constant-fit that will adjust the helmet when the welder moves.

The viewing window on this motorcycle measures 2 inches x 4 inches. The observing area might seem little for all sort of duties, however , the shade 10 lens provides a crystal clear look at of the weld mess. Also, the zoom lens filters out UV and infra-red radiation to have the maximum amount of protection to the eye.

The fixed shade 10 lens could be bothersome as which is not suitable for some responsibilities, however , you can replace the lens. If you’re likely to use it for some thing other than pipeline welded then you can use the unaggressive gold-shaded lens that provides excellent clarity. You may also use an auto-darkening contact lens to make the most utilization of the helmet. In case you are confused about the hue of your welding eyeglasses, you can check the article concerning different shades of welded glasses.

Ideal for pipeline welded
Adjustable headband

Small viewing windows

best welding helmet for beginners

Miller Classic Series Welding Helmet

Should you be looking for a great welding helmet that will not help to make a dent on your budget then the Miller Traditional Series Electric Welded Helmet is the guy. This hooligan is loaded with amazing features and the best benefit is, all these amazing benefits are offered at an extremely decent price range.

The viewing window about this helmet measures in 5. 2 sq . inches that enables the welder to have an obvious look at the work. You will find multiple layers of protective cover over the zoom lens, five on the outside and two inside.

It is about with an auto-darkening viewing panel with LCD display which offers much more comfort to the eye than those regular set shade displays. You will discover two light detectors that detect any kind of change in the light condition and instantly changes the color of the lens.

Showcasing both welding setting and grinding function, the welder can make the one according to the job assigned. You can carry out tasks such as MIG, TIG, plasma cutting and many others with this kind of gear.

It includes a super-fast switching velocity of 1/10, 500 of a second that delivers the maximum amount of protection to the sight. This helmet likewise features a clear glass covered panel under the electrical contact lens which comes in actually handy when you need to find out clearly but as well keep yourself safe from the harmful radiations and spark bits.

The primary material used for this suspensions is nylon which usually contributes to making this quite lightweight and the welder will not feel virtually any neck or back again issues ever once very long hours of put on with this headgear.

On the whole, two changeable AAA batteries give you the ultimate power to the Miller Classic. They offer a runtime of 2000 hours as well as when you’re away of battery, don’t worry because the solar panel just the hitch for you.

Very quick transitioning speed
Protective covering for extra protection towards the eyes

Not really suitable for heavy duty welding tasks

best welding helmet for beginners

Jackson Safety Insight Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

The Jackson Safety Insight helmet not only provides great performance yet also has a phenomenal perspective too. The price of this kind of helmet is a bit around the steeper side, nevertheless , it provides outstanding safety that makes up for the cost.

The viewing windows measures 3. 93″ x 2.36 that gives a definite view of the welds. Since it’s a great auto-darkening helmet, the lens is equipped with adjustable shades ranging from 9 to 13. This features four dimming sensors which instantly changes the zoom lens color when the arc is about to ignite.

Even though the helmet offers very robust quality, it only weighs in at 2 pounds. It is extremely durable in fact it is ANSI approved therefore you’ll be getting the best safety and security with it.

The Jackson Safety inside features sensitivity and delay sensors. These types of sensors allow you to change the time setting intended for the lens to go from light to dark. These features come really useful when you’re welded at very high or perhaps very low amperage.

This kind of helmet is a great industrial grade headgear that comes with a super speedy switching speed that ensures that your eye stay protected against blazing arcs. The lens also gives UV and infra-red protection that keeps the eyes, face, and neck safe from these types of harmful radiations.

This really is compatible with the HLX100 and HSL 75 shells which increase the versatility of the head protection. It’s a premium quality welded helmet that offers multiple functions. It features two modes: work and weld settings. You can perform jobs such as MIG, TIG, arc welding and much more with this suspensions.

It’s powered simply by replaceable lithium electric batteries. The best part is, it is both digital and solar powered. It may be equipped with a photo voltaic charging panel which makes sure you keep on operating even when the electric batteries are down.

Adjustable sensitivity and delay sensor
Ideal for heavy-duty welding duties
Large viewing screen


best welding helmet for beginners

3M Speedglas Welding Helmet-9100MP

The 3M Speedglas will be a major industrial-grade welding headgear that weighs remarkably light. This head protection comes in handy when you really need safety from the arc sparks as well as respiratory system protection.

Despite as being a large helmet, it is made with high-quality materials which makes it incredibly light-weight compared to the other regular helmets in the market. The hardhat comes with a ranking of type-1 class G so it gives extreme durability whatever the welding condition.

3M has taken comfort and ease to another level with this helmet. It really is highly comfortable with a great ergonomic design which usually easily fits in. There is certainly two additional flexible crown strap that delivers enhanced stability and better weight circulation. The ratchet adjusting in the back allows it to be stiffened according to the welder’s mind size.

The viewing window of this welded helmet is 1.8 inches high x 3.7 inches wide. Due to the large, the welder could get a crisp look at of the weld which in turn helps him to do more precisely.

A fresh superb welding helmet for those who are into heavy duty welding tasks. The side windows and auto-darkening filers provide optimum eye-protection and encounter protection from arc sets off and harmful UV/IR radiations. The side windows come with five diverse shade ranges plus they are excellent for occasions when you need a clear peripheral vision for your function.

The arc sensors on the 3M velocity are extremely reactive plus they have a reaction moments of 1/10, 000 of the second. This extremely fast speed provides the welder maximum general protection. It also features exhaust vent which will redirects that exhaled air immediate out from the helmet to minimize the quantity of heat and fogging inside the helmet.

It features a welding shield which may be flipped up for milling or setup jobs. The six-point internet suspension provides greatest comfort no matter how you wear the suspensions.

Super-fast transitioning speed
Adjustable straps and ratchet
Provides prevention of UV and IRGI radiations

Very costly

Best Welding Helmet For Beginners Buying Guide

Working a welder, no matter if it’s gas otherwise arc welding, produces light which may be dangerous in the eyes. Simply seconds of connection with arc illumination may hurt your eyesight very seriously, and searching at the gas flashlight flame may cause just like injury. Because of this safeguarding eye wear is surely an essential when welded.

The number one question to consider while buying a welded helmet is what sort of lens is correct utilized for you. Typical, or perhaps passive welding head gear are as familiar in the present day as they have been 50 years previously.

Although at the moment made from shaped plastics as an alternative to solid leather-based, these head gear make available critical security with budget costs.

The viewing zoom lens is often a special bit of dim colored cup, quite often with a quantity 10 shade along with ultraviolet (UV) likewise infrared (IR) films.

what period the welder is preparing to start on welding, speedy nod or take with the neck flips the helmet straight down sooner than striking a great arc. When completed, the welder gets to turn the headgear up then returning to view the work component and to reposition intended for the following weld.

Even though reasonably priced, ordinary headgear produce a number of drawbacks. It is usually tough to maintain the torch inside the correct point to start welded following lowering the helmet in place, specifically for newcomers.

While welded inside restricted areas, similar to below cars or else trailers, there is not an adequate amount of room to flip a headgear up then straight down. The never ending work of flipping up then down contributes to neckline uneasiness after having a day of welding.

Plus, as a final point, raising and lowering your headgear is inefficient specifically while doing a great deal of tack welded.

Auto-darkening welding head gear fix each and every one of these problems. As an alternative to a normal part of tinted a glass, helmets with auto-darkening filters contain digital filter lens and frequently are pre-loaded with adaptable features to create welding painless.

The auto-darkening filter contact lens is a particular water crystal display (LCD) that is comparable in design to gear used to display figures for a digital noisy alarms. For the most part filter ink cartridges are driven with a combination of battery along with solar power.

Numerous illumination sensors during installation near the lens to see the welding arc. While the lens isn’t very activated, an auto-darkening LCD filter generally has a three or perhaps 4 shade, which can be comparatively easy to look at via, just like shades.

This makes arc begins better because the you are capable of seeing the location of his MEJ gun, TIG flashlight or else weld electrode relative to the material he is welding.

Once a great arc is started, sensors in the head protection darken the zoom lens to a shade quantity 9 to 13, depending on the options, many times more rapidly you could blink a great eye.

Since the filtration has UV additionally to IR linings applied to it, your-eyes protected from harmful rays regardless of active/inactive shade setting. On top of that, the helmet remains downward before, during then after the position is being finished.

Auto-darkening welding helmets enable you to definitely setup a welding seam with all the hood in position. No longer head snaps to reduce the helmet. Forget about poor welds because the torch moved.

Best Welding Helmet For Beginners Guide To Auto-Darkening Helmets

A darkening welding helmet is considered to be essential to all those in the welding market. This is due to the fact that these types of helmets promote the protection of those who put them on during welding actions.

The right product makes sure that the eyes and skin are guarded from welding flares as well as varieties of sun rays that impact on the physiological health individuals.

As the welder is expected to withstand the protective aspects of the encasement intended for long periods, the product is always to meet the comfort requirements of the welder.

To ensure that the helmet to fulfill the comfort requirements from the welder, the product needs to be of the right match. The weight in the helmet needs to be regarded as. While the weight with the helmet is reflecting of its long lasting qualities, the excess weight of the helmet must be borne by the welder’s neck.

If the head protection is too heavy this kind of predisposes the muscle structure of the welder’s neck and shoulder blades to injury. Technology has almost removed this by production items that are both resists long term damage and light-weight.

Before purchase, welders are advised to ensure that dimension elements can be adjusted to support the welder’s cranium measurements.

The right headgear meets the meant shading needs on the welder and in some cases the project. There are head gear that offer shading that may be fixed and others that provide adjustable shading safety.

There are companies which have enhanced their features by enabling the shade to color with the automated function.

The automated characteristic enabling this allows the color to automatically deepen during instances that may affect the health of this welder’s vision. In some cases, the level of night can be adjusted in order.

The majority of welders prefer the functionality of having a headgear that is ready to make use of, without having to recharge all of them. In order for this to become possible, the head protection has to be of the construction that allows it to get stored in the darker for longer periods of time.

As an option to battery powered headgear, there are solar designed helmets. These head gear cater to the purpose of having the ability to be worn as needed.

The helmets in this instance are not to be billed in darker locations as they will then drop their ability to become recharged by the sunlight. The right auto deepening helmet meets the needs of the correct welder.

Additional Considerations When Choosing Best Welding Helmet For Beginners

Viewing Area

If you want to weld better, you need to see it better. Before you choose one, find out if it has a large looking at area or not really. It will help you to work well.

When looking for an FLAT SCREEN, Welders usually need the viewing region wider. Yet an equilibrium exists — the greater extensive the eyesight, the louder and bulkier the headgear gets. It’s a bargain.

The shade from the lens

Two types of welding helmet exist in the market passive welded helmet and auto-darkening welding helmet.

Passive welding mask, having an UV and Infrared (IR) filter vision lens, usually # 10 shade. The filter offers the same safety level, regardless of how many amplifications the light releases from your weld.

Once a welder is ready, the helmet must be reduced to keep down the sludge hammer with a swift jerk or snap of his arm. When work is done, the helmet must be eliminated by the welder. Although it is low costly, we do not recommend the beginners this type of face mask.

However , if you use only one form of material exact same thickness in most of the welding activities of course, if you still use the same method with an arranged amperage, then you neet to purchase something more than a standard shade # 12 helmet.

Auto-darkening lens are today the preferred type on the market as opposed to unaggressive glasses; they deliver greater versatility and enhanced productivity.

Switching speed

The switch speed or maybe the reaction time shows that when welding begins, the lens becomes from its natural condition to a shade of three or 4 and it is usually measured in levels between one-half, 600 and 12-15, 000 seconds.

In case your work needs many hours of welding each time, the starting velocity will cause tiredness in the eyes until the end during. If that is the circumstance, consider adjusting the velocity of a welding head protection at an intermediate or perhaps advanced level.


And why become uncomfortable? Should not dedicate much of your workweek under a hood? A completely adjustable head funnel with many points of adjusting, and standardized excess weight distribution make this comfortable.

So , it really is highly relevant that whenever you are welded, you protect the skin from UV and IR rays.


In several cases, a welding helmet will be ideal – because two tasks are certainly not equivalent. It would be recommended that you considered A welded helmet for your particular application and internet site specifications.

If you need over head, a constant grinding flip-front, or adequate respiratory system safety, you should not compromise with a headgear that’s just fifty percent the time.

Personal choice

All welding face masks are meant to protect you from ultraviolet (uv) and infrared risks from the welding arcs. The first question is whether you will use a helmet for any single job or perhaps others.

Besides, spending budget, weight, display, plus more are available. Most of all, select the mask you like the majority of and can wear it in the event that needed for a long time. Additional time will reward success and sales top quality for choosing the right match.

Power options

There is a wide variety of power possibilities for an auto-darkening welding helmet. Lithium batteries have prolonged battery life, but they are expensive. It is less hassle-free than AAA electric batteries.

Several welding head gear offer non-replaceable battery packs along with photo voltaic assist panels. Although some provide replaceable power packs with solar aid panels. It is your own personal decision which one to select.

If you want less expensive one, go for AAA electric battery operated helmet and choose lithium for longer battery life.

Excess weight

We recommend that you utilize a helmet evaluating up to about 1.8 lbs.

Work mode

Although trimming and grinding bring commercialization purposes inside the same breath, zoom lens darkness is color 3 for milling and mode several for cutting.

Zoom lens shades from 8 to 13 bring standard welding.

A helmet without mincing feature has the extra trouble for the worker to remove the helmet to see nude eye grinding function.

Before purchase, newbies need to confirm this kind of argument, which is essential to eye treatment.

Best Welding Helmet For Beginners FAQ

What is a good cheap welding helmet?

I would suggest Antra AH6-260-0000 that has really good affordability. It has 4 arc sensors, grinding setting it is durable and also light in excess weight.

How do I choose a welding helmet?

The most important thing you have to figure out may be the kind of work you will do and the spending budget you have for a welded hood. After determining these two things, locating a suitable welding headgear is easy.

Why do welders wear a mask?

Welding mask is necessary to safeguard welder’s eyes from your welding arc. Arc produced by the welded machine is as harmful as watching sunlight with your bare eye. After some time you will proceed blind.

How dark should my welding helmet be?

This will depend on the amperage that you will be welding with. For instance , for MIG welded between 80-100 amplifiers, you need a shade 12 lens. From 100-175 amps, shade eleven or higher is recommended.


Welding helmet has enormous importance when it comes regarding welding and a fresh gear that a welder just can’t stop eating. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a specialist, safety should always be the very best priority for every welder. A headgear not merely provides utmost safety to the eyes it also saves the face and neck of the welder from the blazing arcs.

Before making the buy, decide what types of welding tasks youre going to perform with all the helmet. Every headgear is not ideal for all sorts of task. Should you be going for heavy-duty welded tasks then be sure you opt for an auto-darkening helmet.

Once you get your hands on the welded helmet, make sure consider proper care of it for the most powerful service out of it. It isn’t really necessary to spend a bucket load around the helmet. However , you can not buy gold with nickel so if you need quality then you have to splurge a bit onto it.

We have reviewed greatest welding helmet intended for beginners​. The head gear are available in the market to be able to enjoy your welded time in the best possible method while staying guarded. Be a professional or possibly a novice, you’ll certainly find something that fits your requirements. So , get hold of the best welding headgear and spark a few arcs.

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