Top 5 Best TIG Welder Under 1000 – Reviews & Guide 2021

best tig welder under $1000

The Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welder is usually an equipment that produces weld by using non-consumable tungsten electrodes (metallic elements). TIG welding is mainly a great industrial type procedure that is common inside the aerospace and auto industries.

However , with all the advance of inexpensive equipment, new enthusiast applications by performers, sculptors, just to brand a few, they are now getting widely used. That is why we now have researched and selected for you some of the best TIG welders under 1000 dollar.

Among these, you will find something in whose quality can be comparative or come near for their more premium colleagues.

Top 5 Best TIG Welder Under 1000 Comparison Chart

ProductModelWhere to Buy
best tig welder under $1000AHP AlphaTIG 200X
best tig welder under $1000PrimeWeld CT-520D
best tig welder under $1000Everlast Power ITig 201
best tig welder under $1000Lotos Technology LTPDC2000D
best tig welder under $1000Forney 324

Best TIG Welder Under 1000 Reviews

best tig welder under $1000

AHP AlphaTIG 200X

Evaluating in at 69 pounds, the AlphaTIG 200X is the greatest welder machine all of us looked at. Standing twenty three inches tall having a footprint of nineteen inches by doze inches, it is best suitable for a garage, studio room or a small store.

The AHP AlphaTIG 200X is one of the majority of versatile welding packages on the market, with a remarkable capacity of two hundred amps. You can also alternative AC or POWER; ideal if you want to do business with both steel and aluminum. A sixty percent duty routine allows you to work for much longer periods without the anxiety about overheating.

​The Good
This machine is perfect for both amateurs and professionals as it includes all the standard TIG accessories. A control switch and feet pedal makes it easier to work with the torch. A skinny rod gives exceptional precision when utilized on projects like welded cars, motorbikes, statues or bronze castings, where a smooth complete is desired.

The amperage range of this kind of machine is considerably larger than many of the competitors, with a selection of 110 to 220V and a massive 2 hundred amp output. The AC/DC capability will help when working with both aluminium and steel. The AC current helps the welder to wash the oxidation on the surface when it is being welded.

It is easy to switch among AC/DC modes with advanced inverter technology and pulse size modulation of the IGBT technology. However , you might feel the requirement for an equilibrium of the AC setting, as it can both reduce or lengthen the welding or washing cycles, depending on the metallic used.

​The Bad
Unfortunately, the limiter on this machine is usually not precisely arranged, which can result in a difference in the amount of argon left. The estimated argon, as well as the actual amount, could vary wildly.

The display on the equipment doesn’t accurately demonstrate current amperage you have the machine set to. Even if adjusting the amperage knob, your screen won’t change until it finally hits about 2T.

Extra Features
Smooth arc is easy to manipulate.
Three-year warranty against damage, malfunction or device failure from producer defects.
IGBT and pulse width modulation technology.

Final Thoughts
This kind of TIG and stay welder from AHP is a powerful mixture machine. With a huge flexible amperage selection, the ability to use the two AC and POWER, and excellent arc stability, it will manage anything between ¼ inch aluminum and ⅜ mild metal.

The AHP AlphaTIG 200X does have difficulties with the regulator plus the display screen, which can make you unsure of the quantity of argon remaining or the exact amperage. However , for the money, this kind of welder offers wonderful versatility in an straightforward package.

best tig welder under $1000

PrimeWeld CT-520D

This kind of welder combo gadget offers three mixtures in one compact bundle.

The CT-520D can also work either as a TIG or stick welder, in addition to being a plasma cutter. ​ Like a stick or TIG welder, it can utilize a maximum capacity of up 200 amplifiers, or 50 amplifiers output as a plasma cutter.

A lightweight device, at just over thirty-two pounds, it can be very easily carried from one spot to another when needed. A concise design means it is going to fit into even the littlest of trunks, with all the main unit just measuring 23.6 inches by doze. 8 inches and a height of 16. 8 ins.

The dual volts function automatically changes between 110V or perhaps 220V, meaning it may either be used in the home or in an commercial setting.

A built/in air gauge is great for the regulation of the welding process. Excellent duty cycle of 60 percent and a power efficiency of 85 percent. This product can easily cut through metals up to ½ inch thick, just like a knife through butter.

You can normally find the Primeweld combination product nestled among the best spending budget plasma cutters. Nevertheless , in reality, it is a lot more than capable TIG and stick welding system with a solid responsibility cycle of sixty percent. It may be somewhat heavy for a cutter machine, but as a welded unit too, it is extremely lightweight.

The control panel on this mixture welder/cutter is very carefully constructed, with both digital shows and an analog air pressure evaluate. It’s a very easy device to use, with transitioning between the stick and TIG welding setting both quick and simple.

The accessories and consumables provided for the machine will be of a high quality, from your TIG torch towards the electrode holder intended for stick welding. An in depth manual is included, that makes it suitable for those a new comer to TIG welding or perhaps plasma cutting.

It’s not almost all good news. The Primeweld CT-520D is actually a DC only welder, which means it will be unacceptable for aluminum or perhaps other softer metals. The high amplifier output and 62 percent duty routine will certainly warp any kind of lighter materials.

The other problem with this kind of welder is the substandard inverter technology utilized. Primeweld has decided to use parallel Mosfet transistors, which do not employ IGBT technology. Therefore , you rarely get a pilot arc and you lose the facility of trimming through painted, corroded or rough areas.

Extra Features
Durable style to last longer in harsh environments.
Comes with a three-year guarantee.
Includes a variety of add-ons, including TIG flashlight, air filter, grounding wire and a the plasma torch. Can also connect a foot your pedal

Final Thoughts
If you are looking for any low cost cutter/welder blend, the Primeweld CT-520D is an ideal candidate. 1 tip many users share when using the welded function is to avoid the regulator and run the argon (ar) directly into the machine.

The regulator/water tap is ideal for compressed air to get the plasma used vinyl cutter, but it can slow down the flow from the argon when TIG welding stainless steel.

Despite the additional foot your pedal cost, you are becoming a quality and extremely portable TIG welder and the ability to slice through metal as well, for under 500 dollars. It’s just a pity about the lack of IGBT technology on the inverter but that’s not really a dealbreaker.

best tig welder under $1000

Everlast Power ITig 201

The Everlast Power i-TIG 201 offers features found on high-class versions, like Invertec and Maxstar, but in a fraction of the cost.

This model is an alternative to the popular Power ITig 200, which was traditionally used in professional circumstances where heat control is more important.

This kind of latest model features both a lift start capability and a high-frequency start intended for DC welding. A minimal amp start of just 5 amplifier and the pulse characteristic ensures a precise power over temperature.

That doesn’t imply it’s lacking in electrical power, it still has a maximum output capability of 200 amplifiers at 200V, having a 35 percent responsibility cycle. Dual volts capability means this kind of unit can be used with 120V or 240V single phase materials. The highly lightweight design, weighing simply 40 pounds, means you can easily move this from one place to an additional.

The truth that Everlast offers managed to pack a lot into this little unit for a spending budget price is a wonder. The digital IGBT design may provide better control of the parameters, but it continue to retains an analog feel and look. If you’re among those welders who loves to keep an eye itself or hand around the controls at all times, the control panel is easy to see and use.

With this extra control of all of the parameters, you will be able for the most powerful quality and clearest of welds. Even though, the duty cycle is merely 35 percent for 200 amps result; in all other settings it can be as high as sixty percent.

The dual voltage capability enables you to weld steel into a maximum of 5/16 in . thickness at 240V with a single complete. At 120V it may still manage 3/16 inch thick metal on a single pass or perhaps 3/8 inch solid with a multiple move. This increases additional on multi-pass by 240V to ½ inch thick stainlesss steel and can weld no less than 0. 007 ” thickness in the two modes.

This is a POWER only output welder, which makes it unsuitable to get welding aluminum, actually at lower amperages. If you regularly have to weld aluminum, you must purchase an AIR CONDITIONING UNIT and DC TIG welder.

The reliability of this kit can also be a problem with some users amusingly referring to it because the “Neverlast”. It might be assembled in the USA however it uses parts from your Far East and Cina. However , the customer support offered by Everlast is usually exceptional and excellent five-year warranty.

More features
Includes a 12-foot Everlast TIG torch with 35 series DINSE-style connectors, work grip and stick electrode holder.
Consumables beginner pack is also included, although tungsten is definitely not supplied.
Feet pedal is a great optional extra buy.

Final Thoughts
The Everlast Power i-TIG 201 has already carved away a niche for by itself with professionals and enthusiasts who need even more precise heat control. Gunsmiths, stainless manufacturing shops and sculptors will often use this TIG welder for its low amp start ability and pulse features.

If you have been looking for a specialist level TIG/stick welded kit, this model coming from Everlast provides unparalleled features in this cost range.

Many users like that old-school analog feel, which likewise incorporates the latest digital control of all guidelines. Just ensure you purchase the extra foot your pedal if you want maximum control and precision.

best tig welder under $1000

Lotos Technology LTPDC2000D

This kind of Lotos Technology multi purpose 3-in-1 combo welded machine offers a Pilot Arc plasma cutter, TIG welder and stick welder in one compact device.

The plasma trimming feature uses a 55 amperage output, whilst both the TIG and stick welding provide a maximum capacity of 200 amps.

​The automatic dual volts facility of this equipment means you can use this on both 110V or 220V in a 50/60Hz rate of recurrence. You will need to supply the own male connect for use on a 110V supply.

At just forty one pounds, with a small design measuring seventeen inches by 12. 5 inches and standing 8 ins tall, it’s probably the most portable welders all of us looked at. It has been engineered for small business users or home DO-IT-YOURSELF enthusiasts, while offering features for more professional users.

The Lotos LTPDC2000D is very user friendly and easy to setup for welding. Even though we normally by no means recommend TIG welded for beginners, it is as simple as flicking a switch, environment the current and beginning to weld. With this kind of unit, you can easily welds materials like stainless-steel, steel, ferrous metals or molybdenum.

An arm torch head helps to ensure profound results to weld stronger corners, with an induce that can be positioned on the thumb or little finger for better controlling. This model has been made to create a cleaner and stronger contact with relieve. The dual volt quality and frequency features make it even more tractable and offer even more flexibility in software.

Using an Infineon IGBT Power Travel matrix, this is an extremely durable machine. A fresh one-time investment which will fulfill all your welded and cutting requirements for many years to arrive. Using the state-of-the-art PAPST cooling system, that the suggestion will always chill straight down after use.

At this cost, there are bound to be considered a few drawbacks about what seems to be an accomplished product. The regulator that may be supplied is difficult to rely on and, unless you reroute the valve simply to use air, you can only waste argon. The leads intended for the welding flashlight are also rather brief: we estimate you require at least an additional 10 feet, and it doesn’t have a foot pedal either—another additional cost.

The consumables for this welder are machine particular and quite expensive; Lotos insists consumables are ordered from your company to maintain the warranty. Customer service is usually reported to be substandard by many customers, who also doubt how advantageous the three-year guarantee will be.

Extra Features
Non-touch pilot arc of plasma cutter enables cutting the metallic without touching the surface—ideal for tough, rusty or rusty surfaces.
Supplied with TIG adjustable head flashlight, cutting torch, stick/MMA torch, consumables, floor clamp, air filter, argon (ar) regulator and contacts.
Three-year manufacturer’s warrantee against defects.

If you are looking for a 3-in-1 combination unit to fulfill all your welding requires, the Lotos LTPDC2000D would be a good decision. Not only will it help you save money, but it will even require less space in smaller training courses than three person machines.

The arc point plasma cutter machine is found to be one of the best in the marketplace and the welding makes a strong and solution weld on most alloys. However , remember it really is DC only and never recommended for use upon aluminum.

best tig welder under $1000

Forney 324

The Forney 324 is actually a multi-process, inverter-based welder, equipped with an optimum output of one hundred ninety amps.

This is a DC only type of welder which means you will not be able to weld aluminium using it. However , you could utilize the MIG weapon in a limited style but you won’t obtain as neat a weld.

​When obtained from the box, this is a MIG welder only. You can quickly set it up with 4-inch or 8-inch spool sizes and acceptable wire diameters of up to 0.35 inches. If you want for a TIG welder you are going to need to buy a foot pedal, flashlight and spool firearm additionally.

With a small footprint of 20. 25 inches simply by 16 inches and weighing just over 55 pounds, this combination welder is highly portable. Insight power is 120V or 230V having a rated duty routine of 20 percent in the maximum output of 190 amps. Forney offers a 5/3/1-year warranty but some parts are not covered intended for labor costs.

Different welded tasks will often need a different discipline of welding. Sometimes shopping for two or three separate devices is beyond this of home-based welders. This multi-process welder from Forney gives you00 to MIG, TIG or stick welds with just one unit—and saves space within your garage or workshop too.

The Forney 324 can perform gas or flux-cored MEJ welding straight from the. Packed with a gas hose and circulation meter, it will accept electrodes with a size of ⅛ inch and some 5/32 ” diameter electrodes may also be compatible. TIG or perhaps stick welding can be carried out with the purchase of the required accessories.

With a ranked duty cycle of 20 percent at optimum output, you should be capable to get a good bead with this welder, especially when using the MIG setting. Using the Forney welder is relatively convenient, with a detailed instruction manual and two dials to get easily setting the mode. The Forney 324 even operates on domestic one-phase voltages of 120V.

Some people are not really big lovers of units that need purchasing extra improvements for the job they will advertise on the package. You will need to purchase because extra, the TIG torch and your pedal, etc ., to make complete use of this welder. This will easily consider it over the 1000 dollar mark.

Like most devices around the same cost, the Forney is not a heavy-duty welder. It’s okay for all those daily household DO-IT-YOURSELF tasks around the house but not suitable for even more industrial jobs. This kind of welder tends to are more effective on ¼ inches material or slimmer and is found to struggle on components with a greater width.

The one-year guarantee on external parts is reduced to 90 days if the welder is used for commercial purposes. However , you’ll still get the full 5-year parts and work force,, labor force or full alternative on the transformer and 3 years on other parts inside the welder.

Extra Features
Synergic “smart” welding parameters enable you to optimize the arc for less splatter and higher-quality welds.
15-foot long power cord allows it to function without an extension wire in most environments.
Increased cast aluminum cable feed drive with replaceable parts.

The strength of the Forney 324 MIG/Stick/TIG multi-process welder really is based on its MIG welded capabilities. However , in case you are willing to shell out pertaining to the upgrades, you will definitely get a capable TIG and stick welding gadget that can improve your TIG skills and the capability to weld in more hard locations.

Best TIG Welder Under 1000 Buyer’s Guide

The exacting work of welding cosmetic applications (which include slimmer metals and rigid heat controls) could be accomplished with the assistance of a TIG welder. Now, the process of welded such cosmetic applications is becoming more and more advanced with the rise in the amount of technological marvels.

A TIG welding software requires working on amazing metals (such because platinum, phosphorus bronzes, and tantalum). The choice process becomes convenient if you follow a few specific steps by book. Let us review these steps, now.

Amperage range

A TIG welder’s amperage selection is important; if you buy a TIG welder with all the narrowest amperage selection, you limit the capability to work (or weld) on a number of metals. Preferably, you must go for a machine, which range from 5 to 230 amps. (If you could have such a welder, you can easily weld slim metals such as 24-gauge stainless steel. )

POWER and AC welding

If you want the welder’s welding scope to visit beyond stainless steel, you will need to buy equipment that provides the user both AIR CONDITIONING UNIT and DC choices. For instance, consider applying an AC welder if the application entails working on soft alloys such as magnesium and aluminum.

On the contrary, you will require TIG welders having DC welded capabilities if the program involves working on a number of hard metals, which includes deoxidized copper, metal, and stainless steel. If you choose an AC welder, you must have control over ALTERNATING CURRENT balance.

Having this kind of a control allows the user to set time of an AC routine; that is, with this kind of capability, the user may determine whether the welder is in a negative existence cycle or a great life cycle. Preferably, the best welding gear will include both manual and automated stability control capabilities.

Simple to use

TIG welding is actually a demanding process; nevertheless , that does not mean that the machine’s operations will probably be complicated. The finest TIG machinery will be simple to use and simple to understand.

Additional, every leading welded vendor will offer equipment that comes when you have an amperage control having a metal feet pedal. (Such a foot pedal is very important if your welding function includes aluminum. )

Quality design

Every single premium TIG welder will have the best style that includes a number of features involving the equipment’s life-span and overall sturdiness. One of the hallmarks of the quality TIG welder is that it will have a thermostat-operated fan.

That may be, the fan will certainly run only when the equipment is heated; when the machine gets warmed, it will trip the thermostat and the lover will run.

A number of these machines, however , possess a normal fan that runs continuously; these kinds of a welding equipment should not be bought since it will cause the constantly moving fan to gather a lot of dirt.

With these factors, you are within a better position to choose the best TIG welded machine.

Best TIG Welder Under 1000 FAQ

What is the best TIG welder for the money?

AHP AlphaTIG 200X
Amico TIG160-DC
Everlast PowerTIG 185
Weldpro 200 Amp

What is a TIG welder used for?

A Tig welder is actually a premium tool and used exclusively intended for stainless steel, aluminum, bronzes, gold, magnesium, metal, and even for precious metal. Tough and difficult welding jobs are executed by it like car restoration and framework handling. It is probably the most respectable and cautious jobs that require focus on proficiency.

What is TIG welding?

TIG refers to tungsten inert gas. It’s a great arc welding procedure. If you want a non-consumable tungsten electrode on the components, then you can use TIG welding.

What is better TIG or MIG?

Once professionals want quicker performance, they can make an effort MIG. TIG is actually a slower welding procedure on thick metals. Welding on slim metals gives the ideal result with the TIG. On the other MIG ideal welding thick precious metals.

What’s the best TIG welder for a beginner?

Best for Beginners: Forney 322
Best Priced TIG Welder: Lotos CT520D

Why are TIG welders so expensive?

Why are TIG welders so expensive? This boils down to quality. TIG welders are better quality than other welders…. TIG welders will be of higher quality and supply a better, more powerful welds.

What are the disadvantages of TIG welding?

Disadvantage of TIG welding
TIG is a time-consuming procedure – They are slower than any other welded process….
More complicated — Highly skilled and specialist workers are required to perform TIG welded.
Safety issue — Welders, are exposed to intensity of light which can trigger eye damage.
Higher cost.

What should I look for when buying a TIG welder?

Features to Consider for TIG Welder
Pulsed WeldingTIG welding is all about controlling the amount of heat applied to the metal. …
Portability. …
Foot Pedal. …
High Frequency Settings. …
Simple Controls. …
Plasma Cutter and Stick Welding Options. …
Air-Cooled Torch vs. …
High Quality Arc.

Can you TIG weld without gas?

Simply put, NO, you can‘t Tig weld without GasGas is required to protect both the Tungsten Electrode and the weld pool from Oxygen.

Can all TIG welders weld aluminum?

Any TIG welder “can” weld aluminum, but there are several factors that will influence the ease, quality, and appearance of your project. Of these, the current is by far the most important. While any TIG welder can weld Aluminum, not all TIG welders are created equal.

How much does it cost to rent a TIG welder?

Rental companies usually charge $5/hour for a basic unit. Multiple arc systems with high amp output come at $10/hour or more. Multi-process advanced welders cost up to $30/hour or $5,000/month. Around 50%-60% of utilization rate is ideal for those looking for a rental.

What industries use TIG welding?

Many industries use TIG for welding thin workpieces, especially nonferrous metals. It is used extensively in the manufacture of space vehicles, and is also frequently employed to weld small-diameter, thin-wall tubing such as those used in the bicycle industry.

What metals Cannot be TIG welded?

Some examples of material combinations that cannot be fusion welded successfully are aluminum and steel (carbon or stainless steel), aluminum and copper, and titanium and steel.

What rods do I need for TIG welding?

Most TIG rods are mild steel, stainless steel, nickel, aluminum, etc. When bonding like materials, it is always correct to use a rod of the same metal to bond. For example, if you were trying to weld aluminum to aluminum, you would use an aluminum rod.


I really hope that this choice of devices and consideration of things to look for has helped you narrow down your. The most important thing to consider is exactly what type of jobs you want your welded machine to do.

It is important to choose the right equipment for the correct components and the power you require.

There’s a larger choice than ever before to get the best TIG welder under 1000 but , for me, the AHP Alpha dog TIG 200X is a good option. With a decision between AC or perhaps DC output, a dependable 60 percent responsibility cycle and IGBT technology, you will quickly be producing ideal welds on any kind of metal from aluminium to stainless steel.

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